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0 WinPhone 95: If Microsoft Made a Windows 95 Smartphone

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WinPhone 95: If Microsoft Made a Windows 95 Smartphone

Smartphones experienced a real renaissance with the launch of the first iPhone, but the fact is that before that, there were plenty of interesting devices on the market with Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems. Yes, these were phones that were pretty tough to manage, but their capabilities were pretty deep. However, we are talking about the time since the start of this millennium - what if the smartphone we knew was introduced in 1995?
This is one idea of ​​Henrique Perticarati, a designer of Behance, who designed a smartphone with built-in Windows 95, one of the most important operating systems in history, launched in 1995. As you can see in the photos, this smartphone is a kind of full Windows 95, but in a much smaller package that is easily portable.
Interestingly, it has a multitude of ports that were used at the time, such as a VGA port for connecting to an external monitor, a "parallel" port for connecting a printer, and even a LAN port for high speed internet. The smartphone even has a digital camera with 1.2 megapixels, with a sensor borrowed from one of the first digital cameras Sony Mavica.

The device works really interesting and honestly part of me would like to be able to use it, which is realistic with today's technology. However, in 1995, Microsoft's and hardware vendors were far from creating a device that will have a color LCD display of such a small size, a battery that will last more than an hour and a processor that is small enough will not heats up and will be able to power the whole Windows 95 operating system. Therefore, even if we go back in time and "whisper" to engineers for such a device, then the technology will not allow its development and production.
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