Monday, December 29, 2014

0 Card the World

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Big carding world coming soon...

Before design and scripts are making, 
More time to use for making them. Important time for design. Stay tune and visit my page.

Web URL:

Official start working on forum after new year

Happy new year 2015

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

0 Massive defaced by KkK1337 December 10, 2014

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0 Counter Strike 1.6 Hide'N'Seek Hack

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Everyone looking for HNS ( Hide'N'Seek ) Hack

Trawka 2012 Undetected by me :)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

1 AliExpress WebSite Vulnerability Exposes Millions of Users' Private Information

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A critical, but easily exploitable personal information disclosure vulnerability has been discovered in the widely popular online marketplace AliExpress website that affects its millions of users worldwide.

The reported vulnerability could allow anyone to steal personal information of hundreds of millions of AliExpress users without knowing their account passwords.

AliExpress is an online marketplace owned by Chinese E-Commerce giant, which offers more than 300 Million active users from more than 200 countries and regions to order items in bulk or one at a time at low wholesale prices.

According to the Proof-of-Concept video and screenshots provided by the security researcher to The Hacker News, AliExpress website allows logged in user to add/update their shipping address and contact number at the following URL i.e.
Where “123456” is the user id of the logged in user. Researcher noticed that just by changing value of “mailingAddressId” parameter to a different value, one could easily exploit the validation flaw of the website to display the Mailing Address and contact information of the respective user on the same webpage, as shown.

A Smart attacker can simply gather personal information of millions of AliExpress users just by using an automated script to crawl “mailingAddress.htm” page for all possible numbers between 1 to 99999999999 as “mailingAddressId” parameter value.

The vulnerability has been reported to AliExpress team and will soon be patched in coming hours, researcher indicated.

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0 Post "Hacked by" in comment. Guestbook Platform all versions

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Using Guestbook to post some comments like "Hacked by","Pwned by","Struck by" & ...

Google Dork: "Powered by PHP Guestbook 1.7 from PHP Scripts"

Google Dork: "Powered by PHP guestbook 1.6 from PHPJunkyard - Free PHP scripts"

Google Dork: "View guestbook | Sign guestbook"

Google Dork: "view guestbook" ext:php

Google Dork: inurl:"/guestbook/gbook.php"

When you click on some wanted page just go to "Sign guestbook" and type in Commnets Hacked by %yourname%

How to post comment ->

Successful posted, Go home Guestbook page

Comment: Hacked by KkK1337
Remember always use proxy server admin can locate your Address by clicking on IP image by Facebook Comment
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Monday, December 1, 2014

0 1 month free and fast VPN

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Select Test Drive and click continue

Just complete all forms and get it for free 1 month free VPN

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